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Complaints Process

Do you have any concerns or complaints within the areas our practice? Post them here and our Practice Manager will review them.

Complaints Process

Postby Admin » September 14th, 2011, 6:56 pm


We aim to offer the best possible service to all our patients but occasionally some patients may have cause to comment on the services we provide.
All patients have access to a practice based complaints procedure

All complaints, verbal or written, should be forwarded to the Practice Manager, Mrs Michelle Hartley

Verbal complaints will be acknowledged in writing to the complainant within 2 working days. The complainant will be informed of the prescribed time period for dealing with the complaint (7 days normally or longer if staff members are on leave). The complainant will be asked to confirm the recorded summary of the complaint.

Written complaints will be dealt with as above ie; acknowledged within 2 working days and issued with a time period for dealing with the complaint.

The Manager will carry out a full investigation of the facts. Discussion with staff/partners may be necessary.

The complainant will be informed of the outcome of the investigation and given the opportunity to comment or meet the Manager together with staff members involved in the complaint.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Practice or if the complainant is not satisfied, the matter will be passed onto the Health Authority for further independent review. Conciliation services are available to both parties.

A complainant can go directly through the Health Authority system for an independent review if they do not wish to proceed with the Practice based Complaints Procedure.

When nothing can be done to resolve a matter, the complainant will be advised of their rights to approach the Health Service Ombudsman who will have the power to access clinical advice.

It may be necessary to amend working practice to resolve a complaint. Any changes in working conditions or procedures will be made following consultations with the Practice Manager and the Partners. It may also be necessary for the members of staff to receive further training as a result of a grievance from a patient or representative.
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